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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trash Day!

MARLEY:  TBT went on a real tear yesserdy an today.  Mowed the lawn, bought new gas for the noisey machines, and empties the garage.  Yep. 18 buckets of our litter.  I hadn't seen it happen before,  Ayla nudged me an said "come with me ta the basement an watch this".  She knows stuff, so I did..

He filled the entire noisey machine with our poops an pees!  I WONDERED what he did with all that.  I was thinking he buried it out back!  Huh, who knew? 

Well Ayla did.  She seen it happen before.  She says he brings it to a place where they make new litter of it an gets lots of green papers for it an thats how he supports us.  Wow!

So THATS how he affords the noisy machine!  We gotta get in on that action.  We could get more toys an treats!  I mean, he sells it, we should get some back!

Just look!

We are givin it to him fer FREE!  We gotta get this right.  More treats, at least!

I gotta THINK about this.