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Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Garden Tour Thursday!

IZA:  It is 100 degrees F out today and HOT AS HELL, so, quite frankly, I'M not going out in it an I wont ask ya to either.  TBT went out ta pick some beans, an he came in drippin in 10 minutes!  He knew the forecast, so he went out last evening an watered all the plants, so they are OK.  Better him than me, ya know?

So, instead, we are doing a "Golden Oldies" of cooler times ta make us all feel more comfy in this HOT HOT weather!.

This is me out in a huge snowfall 2 Winters ago!  It was actally nice out there.  I enjoyed the coolth!

The Burning Bush from last Fall.  A good reminder of the nice days neither too hot or too cold.
 The Daffodils from this past Spring.  Those were nice days too!
 Some Tulips from Late Spring...
And the daylilies from Early Summer...  The last of the really nice days.

Hope that helped us all feel a bit cooler than the outside temps fer now.  I am told it will be a BIT better next week, but this IS the HOTS part of the year here.  We'll see.