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Friday, July 22, 2011

About The Litter

Marley:  I mentioned Wensday that I thought TBT was sellin our used litter an gettin green papers fer it cuz Ayla told me so.  Instead, TBT has to PAY to get rid of our "stuff".  I am SO embarassed!!!  She was having a joke on me.  *SIGH*

She does that sometimes.  So does Iza, but mostly Ayla.  But she seemed SO SINCERE an matter-of-fact about it this time, I fell for it.  I cant WAIT ta be a real MANCAT next month an be smarter about things like this!!!

I gotta get her back GOOD fer this one.  Cuz, indirectly, she tricked ALL of us.  Any ideas?  I need a really "grown-up" trick to play on her.  Mebbe I'll save it fer my 1st birthday August 16th!