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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Ive mentioned that we have been indoor kitties fer several weeks now.  Well, actally Iza is OK outside and I USUALLY am.  Its just that TBT thinks it is too hard on Ayla ta see us go out when she cant.  But Ayla is at the vet today fer observation and tests fer some sort of inflammation.  So we got outside!


I pounced on a spot where I saw some leafs rustlin a bit and there it was!
 I had fun lettin it go and catchin it again.
And again.
Iza came over ta see what was happenin an pawed at it too.  I told her it was MY mousie, so she sat back ta let me play with it.  She can get plenty of her own.
 I kept bringin it onto the lawn ta keep it away from mousie holes.
 Tap, tap, tap...
 After a while, it wasnt playin annymore...
So I ate it!  YUM!!!