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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At The Vet Today

AYLA:  I am writing this last night cuz I am at the vet "now".  An I couldnt very well post from there.  I am havin a surgery!

Warning, this may all be a bit gross. so ya can just bail an wait til later updates iffen ya want.  I wont blame ya a bit...

Still with me?  OK, your decision...

It all started Sunday affernoon.  I was standing on the noospaper while TBT was tryin ta read it, when he suddenly noticed some tan "stuff" comin out my backside.  I dint even know.  He thought I was havin a strange poop.  But, ta put this as delicately as possible, that wasnt where it was comin out.  It was the other place, OK?

So some stuff came out.  It fell on the noospaper.  He grabbed some soft tissues an cleaned me first, then the noospaper.  That happened several more times during the day.  I also left stains around wherever I sat.  My shoe rack sleepin towel an TBT's blankie need to be washed.  I kept lickin myself clean as I could, but it wasnt very successful.  TBT says it is NOT my fault, but I still feel kinna embarrassed about it.

I was at the vet the very FIRST thing Mon morning an stayed there all day!

Here I am at arrival. ..
I was good an stayed on the cold table.  It did help that TBT held an scritched me all the time.
Ya know what scares me there?  The walls are filled with drawings of kitties (and woofies) in various stages of being in parts!  Bones, muscles, innards!  The Beins even got names fer evry tiny PART of us!  I dint know anny of the werds, but I know what it means when there are werds an arrows pointin ta stuff.

Annyways, I got poked, prodded, squeezed, stabbed, needled, and they even took a picture of my insides.  They even stole my pee!  TBT saw the Xrays.  Well, at least I seem ta have GREAT bones!  When TBT came ta bring me home in the afternoon, the vet told him I DONT have bladder stones, or an inflammation of the bladder or kidneys.  So its not the "pee" parts of me what are in trubble.  But it seems I have some sort of infection problem (mebbe) related to the 2 bad spay jobs I got (from a differnt vet).

So Dr Jeffrey has ta go IN me and have a look around.  The bad news is that I get cut open down there AGAIN!  3rd time.  Thank COD I'll somehow manage ta sleep through THAT!  Im a GREAT sleeper apparently.  The good news is that he can probly find what is suddenly wrong with me.  The other good news is that he will be looking at the same place (since he is in there) to see if he can find out why I still go into heat after 2 spay operations.  You know, as long as he is all IN there, might as well.

Im thinkin this might all be worth it iffen he stops me goin into heat.  TBT an I have FULL confidence Dr Jeffrey will find an stop the inflammation.  The heat thing is less certain.  But mebbe I will score big from this problem an BOTH will be solved.

TBT expects to hear news about me around Noon EDT and will be picking me up about 4:30 today.  So there may be updates.

Wish me luck...


Dr Jeffrey just called and said Ayla will not only be fine, she will be double-fine!  First, he found the infection problem easily.  The original operating vet left too much of her uterus intact and it finally became infected.  He solved that.  Second, he says that almost her entire left ovary was right there in plain sight and he removed it.  The original operating vet missed it not once, but twice!  What an idiot!!!

So it appears that Ayla will not only be healthy again, but shouldn't go into heat any more.  She and I will BOTH be thrilled!  I can pick her up in about 3 hours.  Ayla doesn't realize it yet, but this is probably the best day of her life...  

UPDATE:  [AYLA - 4:30 PM]:  I am back home now, but feeling lousy an my tummy hurts.  And I have this awful cone on my head again!  TBT says I will be glad of this soon, but Ive heard THAT before.  So Im gonna spend a few days in the MewsRoom and just wait til I feel better.  I hope TBT finds that inflatable collar soon.  Its annoyin, but much better than this awful cone thing.  More tomorrow!