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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Surgery Adventure

AYLA:  Well, now that all the fuss is over, I have some happy pictures from right after the first infection/spay operation on Tuesday (before all the other stuff happened).  I just wanted ta make sure NOT ta ferget ta post them.  Dr Jeffrey (Miller) and his staff were so great (as usual).

Here I am in the PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) ready ta go home.
This is my good friend Dr Jeffrey.  He takes such good care of me!  Even when I dont like it.  He is good!
He is SUCH a nice Bein.  See that smile, its real.  I can tell.
 An see the ladyperson there?  She cares for me too.    Just look at how nicely she is looking at me! 
There was a lady in red there yesserday who just kept telling me what a sweet kitty I am.  I love her too, but (sadly), she wasn't here fer pictures today.

This is TBT.  Look close or save the picture cause ya won't see him often.  He doesn't wanna get in the way of our blog. He was just SO happy about the operation.  Still, Id like ta see HIM wearing "The Collar".
But, yeah, that's him.  Hat, suspenders, and "old guy tan outfit with black socks".  At least he doesnt wear them with sandals.

I love him to death do us part, ya know?  I felt SO safe in his arms again!

OK, now ya may be squeamish.  Im not an TBT is not.  If ya are, dont read further.  Cuz Im showin ya MY BODY PARTS!  Yes friends, I demanded that they be brought home...

This is the "remnant" uterus" what got all infected with germs an stuff.  It should have been a bitty little stump an not connected to bloods.

And THIS is the ovary that has caused me so much grief for 3 years!  TBT thinks those little lumps are MY eggs!

Those 2 purple ones?  I don't know.  Mebbe they were "ripe".  But thats OK, there are so many kitties needing homes, I dint want to make more myself annyway.

But I thought, if ya wanted ta see, it was worth seein.  TBT says he is gonna save them in some stuff what keeps them safe so I can look at them later iffen I want.  I probly wont.  But ya never know.