Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We are havin a nice Easy Sunday here.  Ive had BETTER ones, but Im actally OK. 

We started out with a good breakfast.  This was "Spot's Stew, Chicken Flavor".  We like it, but it has vegebles innit, so there is allus a little pile of clean peas and some carrot left in the bowls when we are done.
The inflatable collar doesnt make it hard ta eat, like those cones.  Here is a closeup.
Later, TBT brought the roller track into the living room.  It allus makes it more innerestin when toys show up in new places.
We all went straight for it, even though it sat in the MewsRoom all ignored fer a couple weeks.
Iza was first at it...
But Marley took a turn, too.
In this action shot, Marley blurred the picture by shoving the track as he pawed around unner the high part.
Naturally, we will be nappin all afternoon. 

Have a nice Easy Sunday evryone...