Monday, August 01, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Im havin fun in my chair tent today!  Well, I spend some time there almos evry day, but I SPECIALLY enjoyed it today. 

See, its a sheet draped over the "other" chair (the one TBT doesnt use, as opposed to the "laptime" chair where HE sits to watch the TV).
So he came in from loafing (er, "werking hard") outside*, and he sat in the laptime chair ta cool off just as I was gettin into my tent.  I circled around a couple times, settled down and started washing.  I like ta do that from the elbow...
up to the paw.  Its such a wunnerful little hideaway, and Ayla an Iza never go in there or bother me.  Evry mancat deserves a private little mancatcave!
Ha, Ha, you should all be SO jealous!  MOL!
But eventually, I start feelin sleepy.
Naptime evryone, BYE!
Tomorrow, a pleasant surprise...

* [TBT]:  Marley BETTER admit I was "werking hard"!  I weeded the flowerbed for an hour, then spent another hour watering the most needed spots around the yard.  In the sun!  In the upper 90s!