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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The New Cat Tree!

MARLEY:  Did ya notice somethin in recent pictures?  There is an addition to our house.

Well, it actally showed up a coupla weeks ago, but with Ayla's problems last week, it wasn't right to show it off.  Now she is feelin better, so it is OK.

The box got delivered ta the front door several weeks ago and some Bein banged on the door.  We all went straight unner the bed fer safety of course.  That let TBT get the box inside without us tryin ta get outside.  Not that we try ta get out the front door much (scary territory), but he never knows.

So he dragged the heavy box inside an it sat there.  Fer 2 weeks.  We dint know it mattered ta us or we wouldda yelled a lot and sooner.  But he finally opened it and started ta carry stuff upstairs.  "Some Assembly Required" he said.  So we decided this was a serious snoopervisin event.

It started when TBT cleared out the space next to our cat tree.  That made us worried.  Ya never know what things like that mean.  Iza went up ta watch from above. Ayla an I watched from below an around corners.  To get an 3 cat view, ya know?
And then STUFF came outta boxes. I ran ta check them out, but I didnt know what it meant.  
Ayla knew though.  She said (ecitedly) "Oh Marley, those are scratchin posts and boxes...
"Its a nother kitty condo!  Iza agreed, an walked all over the parts while I sniffed carefully.  It looked like dangerous stuff to me, sisal rope tubes or not!!!
But TBT started ta put it together.  Iza went right in the first box.  She can be scary brave sometimes.
 So I HAD to check it out too.  Cant have the sisters being braver than me.  Bad for the mancat image, ya know?
This is what we ended up with.  A bit scary at first.  Ya got ta climb it inna differnt way. 
I settled fer a middle box.  That was enough ecitment fer one day, know what I mean?
This is lookin massive!  Iza is still nappin on the old tree.  We got ta get used ta this.
I have JUST learned that I can hop from one tree ta the other.  That is SO cool!  Hmm?  Well of course I dint think of that before or I would have DONE it before.  Gimme a break, Im not a year old yet!

TBT is showin more about the details of building the thing HERE...