Friday, August 05, 2011

New Litter Management

Our friend Zeroichi posted about his litterbox.  As we were leaving a comment, we realized that more information (and pictures) would be helpful to our comment.  So the subject of todays post is how TBT manages new clean litter!

So here is his "Making It Easy" system fer our litter...

First, he buys our litter in huge 35 lb buckets from Walmart.  There is a 27 lb bucket too, but they practically give away the extra 8 lbs.
He has 4 of these (12 lb?) litter containers  from "before".   Guess which container is easier ta handle and pour from?  Good guess!
So he puts the big bucket onna work table and the smaller container on a slightly lower surface (for reasons that will become clear). 

The implements of transfer are a scoop an a funnel.  The scoop is easy.
It is hard sturdy plastic, and used for LOTS of things.  Pet food kibble, gardening, baking, etc.  The weerd thing is that the price varies wildly according to what it is sold to scoop.  Same scoop, different prices.  The scoop sold for pet use is cheapest.  TBT got it in the Walmart Pet Dept cheap.

But ya need a funnel too.  The opening of the smaller litter container is too narrow fer the scoop.  And it needs ta hold a scoopful AND not tip out.  Litter is heavy.

So here is the "funnel".
This is a plastic gin bottle with the bottom cut off!  The long neck holds it in the container opening, it has capacity, and the square shape is easy to pour into.  The smaller container needs to be a bit lower than the big bucket cuz the funnel sticks up a bit.  Hint:  Hold the funnel for the 1st couple scoops until the container has some weight an can hold itself upright!

Could he just leave the bucket on the floor and scoop from there?  Sure, but he says it is lots more convenient ta divide it all once and handle the smaller containers afterwards!

And remember kitties, remind yer Beins that there should be one more litterbox than cats.  Unless, of course, ya gotta big wading pool litter box like the Katnip Lounge.  MOL!

Tomorrow:  TBT's "Making It Easy" system for our kibble...