Saturday, August 06, 2011

Kibble Management

Yesserday, we talked about New Litter Management.  Today, we want to talk about Kibble Management.  We admire it when TBT finds ways ta make it easier fer him ta take good care of us.  Not that we care DIRECTLY how hard he has ta werk fer us, but we figure iffen it makes it more LIKELY he will, thats probly a GOOD thing...

So, the deal was that first, he was keepin all these containers cuz he had lots and uniformity is good fer storing stuff.  And he noticed he went through a lot of one kind, so he started saving them.  Mostly fer shop stuff like cleaning rags, loose hardware,  disposable latex gloves.  Bein stuff (yawn)...

But one day as he was trying ta pour small amounts (snacks) of our Eukanuba kibble, it occurred ta him that there was a better way.

Here is the container he was savin...  What can we say, he LOVES mixed nuts (and how appropriate).  Its a 2 lb container, and has a nice wide opening
He even cleans the label off (the better ta see the insides).

So he took a bunch of them and filled them with the kibble.  Then he cut off the bag labels an taped them ta the outside. 
The good part fer US is that the kibble container stays on the kitchen shelf, where it is MUCH more likely that he will just grab a handful of kibble then when the big bag was inna closet.  We get more that way.  Plus all the containers are stacked on the floor in the MewsRoom, so we can see there is a good supply.  THAT is comfortin, ya know?

Do your Beins do stuff like that?  Feel free ta describe them.  We are allus lookin fer ideas for TBT ta make his an our lives easier.