Monday, August 08, 2011

World Cat Day 2011

TBT:  For World Cat Appreciation Day, I decided to go back and find some of the most interesting pictures I could of my cats of the blogging era.

First and foremost is Skeeter (1992-2008).  He was a Mighty Hunter and my dearest companion for so many years...

Next, primarily Skeeter's companion, is LC, aka "Little Cow" (1993-2010).  After Skeeter left for the Bridge, she became most attached to me.  She was a quiet cat who never caused any problems.

Here is Ayla in her favorite little hidey-hole when she was younger.  She can still fit in there today!
Iza is here in her favorite pose.  She likes to push off from the wall and pounce a passing cat on her back.  
This is Marley his first week here.  As he has grown, he has gradually brought peace to the household (Ayla and Iza had gotten rather hissy towards each other).  He is a natural leader.
I love and appreciate them all, every one of them so different in personality and habit.

And I do not forget the cats of the pre-blogging past.  (Mean Old) Tinkerbelle, who was a great friend to me for years, but decided that Skeeter and LC were 2 cats too many and went over the fence in 1999 at about age 16, never to be seen again.  Mischief before her, who earned her name well.  Ralph, Sport-Sport, and Ballou (all females) from my apartment days...

I love them all...