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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Hi!  Welcome to this weeks Garden Tour... 

Mostly, the same flowers are blooming as last week, but they seem a bit bigger an with more flowers, so we'll see those as we pass by.  But we got a couple of new things ta show too!  I'll save those fer the end.

First is our pot of pansies.  They are growin thicker an more cheerful even in this heat.  We are amazed!  There are twicet as many flowers as last week.
The annual flower area is fillin in.  Especially the white wave petunias an the marigolds.  They would all be bigger now, except TBT delayed plantin them cuz he needed ta dig up nasty runner grass roots first.
The white ones may have more flowers, but we like the red/white ones better.  More color, though the white ones DO show up better at twilight.
The red sa,via are gettin bigger too.  In a month they should be full size and bloom.
The yeller marigolds are bushier and lots of flower buds are developin!
Hey!  I hear somethin in here.  Mouse?
Nah, just a big bug.  A cicada, I think...

Here's the first surprise today.  Its a volunteer butterfly bush!  And its a large flower fer a small plant, so we will have to save it.
We found two birdie nests on the ground!  We know one is a robin nest, so we guess the other is too.
The Moonbeam Coreopsis are bloomin now.  They are in pots, but will go into the garden inna Fall.
We are in the front yard now.  Can ya guess what this is?
Well, do ya remember the trees covered with tiny yeller flowers I showed ya a month or so ago?  Its a Golden Rain Tree.  These are the seed pods.  They look like tiny Chinese lanterns.  When they turn brown, they fall off.  An they crunch when ya step on them.

Marley has put out some snacks up on the deck.  Lets see what he chose fer us!  Ooh, Cowboy Cookout stinky Goodness, Pounce treats, chicken jooce, and bowls of water with cracked ice!  Thats differnt...