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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  On Wensday, we showed Iza an Ayla cuddlin on the bed together, and we were asked where I was.  Well, I was nappin on the cat tree. 

But ta show ya all I cuddle too, here I am with Ayla this morning.

Her side...
My side...
So now the question is "Wheres Iza?"

Wait, what is this poking out from unner the blankie?
Its IZA, and here we are all 3 together!
An there is gonna be a LOT of that today, cuz it has been rainin hard several times.  Last night, this morning, and scheduled another for later today and another fer tomorrow.  We have 3" already!  TBT says we might get 5" before it is done!!!

Have a GREAT Easy Sunday evryone...