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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


AYLA and MARLEY:   We is both celerybratin TODAY!

AYLA: First, because I got my stitches out and the "Blue Meanie" collar off!  That's a great reason to have a party!  Plus, Dr Jeffrey says I probly wont EVER go inna heat again.  That is beyond great; it was practically a lifestyle.  I may even get to go outside again inna few weeks!  But Marley has great news too!

MARLEY:  Second, because (and by no means last), ITS MY 1ST BIRFDAY!  I am truly a MANCAT today!  I CAN HAS NIPTINIS an Meowguritas an I am gonna have one of EACH today.  But I'm secretly happier fer Ayla getting the stitches an collar off, ya know? 

BOTH:  So we are havin one slam-bang, ding-dong, supercalifragilisticexpialidotious party today through tomorrow until we both drop!  And we hope you will all join us...

To the tune of 'Our Favorite Things' (adapted):

"Nipdrops on roses and whiskers on mittens
Bright rattley mousies and warm fuzzy kittens
Brown paper bags all arranged on the floor
What cats could ask for just annythin more?

Green colored wand toys and bird flavor chewies
Cat trees and condos and licking our toesies
Evil skwerls falling from trees at our feet
These are the things that we think of as neat!

Beins in costumes that look so peculiar
Things that TBT does to make life easier
Bits of real meat that fall down to the floor,
How could we ever ask annythin more?

When the rain falls, when the fleas bite
When we're feeling mad,
We simply remember our favorite things,
And then we just feel so glad!"

Now here's the party plan:





Cream DeNip


UPDATE:  NOON - Marley has his first adult cat drink!  After careful consideration, he has decided to go with the classic NIPTINI!  We observe the event...

UPDATE:  The next round of THoE will be at 3 p.m EDT.  There will be 2 events.  The first will be a straight Hallway Run, followed by 2  Staircase Runs (1 up and 1 down).  Winners will get first shot at the electronic squeaky mice TBT has unwrapped! 

Update:  6 p.m. - We forgot to announce about the THoE race results.  Um, some kitties won.  But it didn't occur to us that there are SO MANY kitties here that TBT couldnt recognize all of them!  When he asked the group who won each event, a bunch raised their paws fer each one and various OTHER kitties agreed with each of them.  Sadly, we were setting out food and didnt see who actually won each race.  All he knows fer sure is that the Hallway Run winner was Orange, the Downstairs Run winner was Tabby, and the Upstairs Run winner was a Meezer.  So TBT divided all the kitties into 3 rooms an tossed an electronic squeaky mouse inta each room for general play.  It seems to have werked out well, evry kitty says they got a whap an made it squeek!

UPDATE:  The next big event is at 9 p.m.  The fancy Party cake will be presented to Ayla and Marley.  It is a salmon an ham cake (2 layers, one of each) with cream cheese and Nip sprinkle frosting.  I (Iza) will be doing the cutting and plating, assisted discreetly by TBT.   

Niptinis, Meowguritas, and Cream DeNip drinks will be set out in small bowls all around.  Iffen ya get tired of lapping, pass it on...

UPDATE:  9:15 p.m. - That was a great Party Cake ceremony!  30 kitties singing The Birfday Song fer Marley, and then a Great Meowing fer Ayla an her gettin free from the Heats (an the stitches an collar)!  Thank you all!  Don't worry about all the cream cheese frosting on the floor.  TBT has a wet cleaner maschine to take care of that!    

And the reward fer us ALL is...  TBT has opened the door into the garage.  We can all esplore in there as long as we want.  There are good things there.  I (Iza) found a worm an a blue-tail skink yesserday.  Dont be afraid of the car.  It is asleep an there are soft spots to nap all through it.  An the hood is WARM!  TBT did that JUST FOR ALL OF US.

UPDATE:  The final events for tonight are TWO!  First is box-hopping.  10 boxes are arranged on the floor and two on a table.  The fastest time to hop in and out of all of them all gets the best treats we have.  The order of hopping is up to you!  The second event is climbing from the floor to the top of the tallest cat tree platform.  TBT will time that.

UPDATE: Well darn that Marley!  He was so Nipped up, he won all the last events!  He shouldn't have entered, but thank you for letting him win.  So, instead, we are handing out "goodie baskets" to all the kitties.   Each one has a bit of ham, turkey, lobster claw, a bit of fresh nip from several guests, a rattley fevver-butt mousie, and a piece of the salmon/ham cake!

Thank you every one of you for attending our double celebration party.  We are gonna collapse onto TBT in bed now...

Best day of our lifes!!!