Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Morning After The Night Before...

IZA:  Well, it sure was innerestin when we got up this morning!  I got up first.  Well Ayla and Marley were kinna whacked from all the ecitement.  I was surprised ta see a few kitties still here.  But that means it was a slam dang good party!

I pawed at TBT til he got up and pointed out the leftover kitties.  THAT woke him up fast!  Two were up on top of the bookcases, asking for help to get down.  He asked them how they got UP there.  They said they couldn't remember.

It was THAT kind of party...

I pointed out that iffen they teleported back home from such a height, they would fall that far.  So he got the stepladder and helped them down to the floor.  One promptly teleported home.  The other needed some treats and water and vanished while we werent looking. 

The two unner the bed needed a little more time.  No problem there.  We checked the garage next.  There was an orange kittie sleeping on the hood.  When we woke him up (carefully carefully). he blinked a couple times and poofed out home (thanking us for the party first).  Good guest!

And in turn, WE have to thank ALL OF YOU for attending our party and making it such a success!  We are pretty sure that, at least one time, there was a kitty every square yard and that means there were a LOT!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are SURE gonna remember this party a long, long, time!

Iza, Ayla, and Marley