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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Ayla has her hidey-hole, an Iza has pretty much taken over the highest platform on our cat trees, so I need a place ta call my own!  I watched Iza open this door a few times.  She can open it from the bottom, but I cant.  So I figured away to do it from the top.

Ayla loves to get inside, but cant open it on her own, an Iza doesnt bother going in annymore.  So when I want some ME-time, this is where I go.

I stand up an grab the top with a claw.  Then I pull.
Then I have ta drop down an get my head in the openin.  As ya can see here, that doesnt always werk.  Sometines the door closes again too fast, or I am too slow gettin my head down.
But eventually I get it open enough ta get my head in.
Then a bit of wiggling...
An the rest of me can follow!