Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Big Storm

MARLEY:  Well, I was espectin ta have ta argue with Ayla and Iza about who got to report on the Irenesstorm, but they just laffed an said that was "silly boycat stuff".  They are just nappin on the bed all day...

Good!  I can do this all myself...  I am checking out all the windows (an TBT is helpin me look out the garage windows cuz they dont have sills ta jump up on).

2 PM - We have almost a whole inch already.  It only started rainin a couple hours ago.  The TV shows the serious rain about a short nap away.  Ayla says the rain is fallin from an odd direction.  Hmmm, I hadnt noticed that.  I must get more observant!

4:45 PM - We got to 2" rain.  The wind is blowier, I dint know that little tree out front could move back and forth so much!  One of the big trees threw a couple minor branches at the wind, but tht dint stop it anny.  Innerestingly, the hummer birds seem able ta fly in all this just fine.  I been watchin the feeder at the deck an Ayla been watching the one near the basement front window.

8:45 PM - Wow, 3.5 " of rain now.  The TV guy says we may get 6".  Its getting blowier, too!  I occurred to TBT that the hummer bird was sitting at the feeder all the time cuz it is both under the roof and on the unwindy side of the house.  Smart little birdie!

9:45 PM - Well, we just got to 4" of rain.  And apparently we are just getting a band of heavy rain over us that should last an hour.  It sure is NOISEY!

We Are Watching You, Irene!

Marley:  I am watchin outside as best I can fer the coming of that IRENE Big Storm!  I wanna let TBT, Ayla an Iza know at the first hint.  That because it is MY job as mancat ta protect them.  I take the job all serious-like...
I am getting the best looking-spot...
And I am waiting patiently fer rain and wind.  
Well, not anny YET.  I will go around ta the other windows.  I'm not sure what direction this Irene thing will attack from.
I hope I get extra treats for all this werk!  But that's not why I'm doing this.  Just that extra treats are allus welcome.  When yer the Mancat of the house, sometimes ya have ta do these things fer free.

So I checked the pantry.  Plenty of stinky goodness and treats there.  I checked TBT pantry too.  Not much there, but there is cans of soup.  An he says he has plenty of fresh veggies and fruit and frozen-hard-cold foods.  So I guess he is OK an we are all prepared.

I'll go check the basement too.  No cameras allowed down there; too messy.  But I can prowl around.

Ayla and Iza are nappin on the bed, an TBT is putting away the washed dishes.  The drapes in front of the cat trees was closed for the night, but I asked him to open them so I could keep watch outside.  He opened them just for me.

But he also mentioned that nothing is gonna happen til TOMORROW night.  Well, I want to get practiced an this BIG STORM stuff is kinna new ta me.  Its no good finding a problem when you haven't practiced fer it first!  I like to be a PRACTICED kinna kitty, ya know?