Thursday, September 01, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  We are so pleased that all our flowers came through Hurricane Irene with tails, er blooms, held high!  The wave petunias, being viney, were a bit mashed down, but recovered quickly.  4 days of good moist soil and sunny days helped them all quite a bit.

The red/white wave petunias are spreading fast and opening a lot of flowers now.  Last week there were only a few!
The marigolds have all filled in to make a solid mass of flowers!
The forget-me-nots have really started blooming.
Sadly, the salvia are startin ta fade a bit.  I dont know if they will send up new flower stalks.
The fall asters are JUST beginnin ta flower.  There will be masses of them soon!
And the stella d'oro lilies are starting their 2nd major blooming time.  You can see more buds behind the flower.
This small shrub is behind the forget-me-nots.  I forget the name of it.  But it is covered with bees, so I dint feel like rumaging around in it for the label.  The flowers are pretty though...
The pansies are continuin their happy little summer show.  How odd to have summer pansies!
The hostas are showing off their brief flowers.  They are blooming out of season too.  They usally show up in May/June.
And last, we have a waterlily!  All that fresh water in the pond must have encouraged it to bloom.
Now please join me up on the deck.  Lets see what Ayla and Marley prepared this week.  Ah, Science Diet Culinary Creations Roasted Chicken Dinner, some baked ham, some Whisker Lickin's treats, some Creme de Nip drinks, an some toona juice!  We just got that Science Diet stuff an we LOVE it!

Thank you all fer joinin me on this week's Tour...