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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Sadly, there will be no garden tour thus week.  We is all FLOODED!  There is water just SITTING on the ground and IM not goin out there ta stand with my paws covered in water.  Besides, it could start rainin again anny minit!

In fact, I think I'll just sit way up high in case it gets in the house...
[TBT:  Iza, water got in the basement, it's not going to get upstairs!]

Well, why take chances?  After all, it DID get into the basement!  You should have seen TBT last night.  He hadda use a sucky machine that sucks up water.  10 gallons of it!  An that wasnt even stoppin it.  He hadda go OUTSIDE in the pouring rain at Midnight ta dig a ditch from the patio to downhill ta drain the water away from the basement door. 

We had fun watchin him from some shelves near the door.  He said a lot of bad werds when he came in.  We laffed at him standing there dripping until he threatened ta shake water at US!  So we all left the room until he was all dry again...

At least it werked!  New water stopped comin in, an most of what did is dry by now.