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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, we are finally drying out a bit after last weeks torrents, and the flowers are looking a bit perkier, so lets go take a look at them.

The Autumn Joy Sedum flowers are finally startin ta get some color.  They been green all Summer, but then they turned white an are now pale pink.  They will get brick red in a few weeks!
The asters are blooming.  They are still a bit flopped over from all the rain.
These wave petunias were all beat down and most of the flowers flattened, but they are recovering nicely!
It all looks a bit better iffen ya step back a bit an look at the whole area...
The red salvia and blue forget-me-nots look nice in the back behind the yeller marigolds (which were not bothered by the rain at all).
The goldenrods are starting ta bloom too.  That means Fall is comin fer sure!
And the mums are gettin ready ta bloom too.  More Fall stuffs.
Ooh!  Look at the hummerbird in the upper left.  They are so fast they allus look a bit blurry ta us... 
Ayla an Marley have snacks up on the deck.  Let's see what they chose this week.  Hmm, the minced roast pork is unusual, but I see some Party Mix Crunchies and some nip leafs.  Ah, Meowgaritas!  And some cream!