Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forward, Into The Past!

AYLA:  I keep missin showin my tummy stitches gettin out.  I try an I try and Marley allus has somethin or Iza does.  An then there is a holiday or Pirate event or somethin.

Well Im puttin my foot down NOW!!!  One just does NOT frustrate a PRINCESS like that for long!

I wanna show ya my stitches bein taken out at least an some comments...  NOW!

I sure hope I dint show these afore, that would be abarrassin after all this fussin...

I arrived in PTU an collar...
I got took out from the top, which was better than dragged out the front.  I highly recommend these new top doors...
 See, like this is not as good.
The pretty nurse held me carefully.  Usally TBT does, but this was a more delicate deal.  But cuz TBT wasnt holdin me, I had the lazers on...
I couldnt see myself, but TBT said they were pullin WIRES out of my tummy!  No WONDER they ouched when I managed ta lick a little bit down there!
It hurt a bit when the wires were pulled out.  Lazers ON!
But they were actally gone pretty quick.  Dr Jeffrey has good teckneek.  A few cuts and a quick pull, and gone!
Nurse "Arent You Such A Good Girl" held me after and gave me a GREAT neck massage.  Well, she is trained in that stuff!  But it was very appreciated.
She even did a little twist on my neck.  That felt SO GOOD!
And we went home...

Now, I showed ya all that cuz I been asked a few times how the operashun affected me.

The answer is WUNNERFULLY!

I am SO MUCH calmer.  I sleep unner the covers most nights.  I nap with Iza or Marley, or BOTH!  I eat better.  I useta scorn food many days at a time, but now I eat happily EVERY day several times.  I play with toys a lot more.  Not like Iza an Marley, who chase annything what moves, but I like the milk rings and the crumpled up big twisty-ties an the hot dog-shape fevver thing most.

I carry them around an sing.  THAT really surprised TBT (and Marley an Iza)!  But my best singing toy is a weerd big hot-dog-like thing wif fevvers out each end.  Marley an Iza nevver pay it no mind, but I carry it around like a prize.

I drop it whenever I here the camera come awake, but here it is when I am still near it...
See the fevvers?  An I like grabbin the round middle part in my mouf an prancin around the house in the middle of the night.  I go "merf, merf merf" all night long.  Happy songs to my fevver toy.
TBT isnt as happy about that as I am.  Sometimes he calls me to the bed when I do that (LOUD) .  Did I mention I often get unner the covers these days now?  I like that.  I get all close ta TBT an Iza is usally unner there too.  So I lay up against her an she hardly growls a bit.

So things have sure been differnt the past month.  I have gained a WHOLE pound, fer one thing.  Food tastes better fer some reason.  I useta be the one that rejected all the stinky goodness but now I see what Iza an Marley like about it.  Nom, nom, nom!  I lick my bowl clean even with stuff I dint usetaq like AT ALL!

An I sit on TBT lap in the evening like I never did much afore.  Youve seen the pictures.  Iza isnt as thrilled as I am.  But she puts up with me pretty good.  She says it is better than me yowling around the house all night.

The funny thing is that I cant get enough of Marley since the operation.  I groom him alla time.  Annywhere he goes, Im there.  At night he hdes unner the covers past Iza an I cant get at him fer more licking an groomin.  Iza says I should give him a break sometimes.
 But Im tryin ta make up fer lost time, ya know?  These days, I just love ta lick both of them.

But the main thing is, I am SO HAPPY and calm fer the first time in my life an I just cant get over it.  I'm just purrin an purrin an purrin alla time.

What more could a Meezer Princess ask for than such happy calmness in life after several years of the HEATS half her life!