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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Its gray an overcast, but dont worry, its not rainin - yet!  The Fall flowers are comin along nicely, an the Summer ones are still hangin in there, so lets go take a look at them.

The sedum is getting darker now.  It is fun watching them change from lighter pink than the bright pink aster next ta them ta dark red.  It makes the asters seem ta change color too!
The mums are finally opening.  There are white ones...
and pale orange ones.  Yeah, these look darker than "pale", but thats just cuz they are all packed together right now.  Youll see how pale they look next week!
The goldenrod is openin too.  But these are just the first.  It will look a LOT fuller soon.
These asters are a pale pink that doesnt really match anny other flowers, but its OK cuz they are by themselves.  They are all flopped down though.  I gotta remind TBT to  put up some supports.
We arent sure what these are.  They are either decent-looking weeds or poor-lookin asters.  TBT planted some asters here some years ago, but he thinks they died.  He says he is gonna pull them up either way.  So I am showin them a bit before they go...
The summer annuals are still bloomin.  We are thinkin of adding a 2nd color of marigold next year.  Bright orange or red-rust mebbe.
The amazin pansies have bloomed nearly all Summer!  Weerd fer pansies.  Mebbe they will just keep on all winter!  An speakin of weerd, there were 2 containers of them in Spring.  One reseeded an filled the container, the other dint grow a single new pansy!
We will be gettin snacks down on the patio taday.  While the deck is cool an damp, the patio is dry an the cement is warm.  Good rolling conditions!  Taday we have fishie flavor chewy sticks, some chickie crunchies, some Niptinis, and some toona juice!

Thank you all fer comin by taday!