Friday, September 23, 2011


We are horrified.  Never thought this would happen ta us.  TBT said a particlar  bad werd today...


Do we look THAT fat?  TBT says "the scales dont lie", though.  Today we got weighed, and the sad tale of the scale was Iza 13 lbs, Marley 13 lbs, and Ayla 8.5 lbs!  Now, in absolute terms that doesnt sound too bad ta us.  But TBT says its the steady upward direction that troubles him.  But we all made our best objections anyhow:

IZA:  "I ONLY gained .5 lb inna year!"
MARLEY:  "Im a growing mancat!"
AYLA:  "Im jus makin up fer lost time!"

To which he replied:  "Iza (aka PUDGE), you've ALWAYS been fat; Marley, a lb per month of life is too much; Ayla, you make a good point, but that 2 pounds in a month!"

So we complained that its not fair.  We run around an wrassle a lot, we chase tossed toys an each other, an we go up an down the cat trees.  Its YOUR fault fer feedin us so generously...


Well THAT was a mistake!!!  TBT jus laffed an said he was sure we would trap ourselfs like that.  He is TRICKY!  OK, so we split a can of stinky goodness 3 times a day.  An get a handful each of crunchies twice in between each can...  We ARE really good at begging fer crunchies...

Sadly, we THINK we just lost a handful of crunchies between each can.  That is, iffen we didnt lose a whole can per day.