Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Werdy Wensday

More werd definitions fer Werd Verification Werds:

1.  Canicks - What Max the Psychokitty sees when The Woman eats a mushroom.
2.  Bersign - A big poop in the woods.
3.  Grabi -  Marley, when the treats are put on the floor.
4.  Menis - That really annoying kitty sibling.
5.  Avastai - What a Roman Empire pirate says.
6.  Sograte - TBT cooked a ham, so our dinner was sograte.
7.  Watio - An outside enclosure fer pet wabbits.
8.  Supousta - TBT was supousta clean the litterbox, but he fergot.
9.  Kerli - Like Daisy's furs an whiskers.