Monday, October 03, 2011

Girlcat Monday

AYLA:  Usally, when Im carryin around a toy an singing my happy toy song, I drop them before I get near TBT.  Just a habit of avoidin the flashy box... 

But sometimes I carry them to him.  I do that when he is in bed mostly.  He hears me singin several times, and then turns on the bedlamp and there are several toys placed around him (I have been expandin my choice of toys lately).

But I brought him one while he was awake today.  Eatin dinner actally.  I have begun ta like having my favrit toys tossed around!  An apparently, it werks better iffen I bring them TO him fer tossin.  Well, that way he knows which ones are good ta toss that day.

Today, it was an old standard favrit - the milk ring!  I like them fer myself, but also cuz Iza an Marley DONT!  That werks out good fer ME.
Hes not useta me bringing toys ta toss like Iza does, so I hafta be kinna obvious about it.  I put it on his shoe (Iza suggested that)...

Then I wait.  Iza says I should meow more when I do that.  Well, Ive been out of the toy-tossin game fer a while, an she IS good at it.
But he notices soon enough, and tosses it again.  I like it tossed WAY up high so I can watch it fall down.  Then I bat it all around the floor.

I havent done this toy stuff much since I was a kitten, so it makes him pretty happy.  An I am likin it too!  I feel younger these days.  An I get ear scritchies too!  Cant beat THAT...