Thursday, October 06, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  I get ta do the garden tour this week!  Cuz its from inside on my favrit winder sill.. See, ya can see the whole backyard from here...

Down there right below is the annual flowers and the tomaters.  The flowers have been doin great.  The tomaters not so much.
Then beyond that, there is the goldfishie pond an the red sedums.  
Further along are the goldenrods an the apple trees.  I dont know why he keeps the apple trees.  He never gets any cuz he doesnt like sprayin stuff.
Kinda in the middle there is our saucer magnolia tree an some azaleas.  But this isnt the right time of year for them.
Thats our new garden waterer.  TBT is lazy and gets bored holding a hose, so he made this thing ta hold it for him. 
This is one of our birdie feeders.  Its what I watch from here most of the time.  Except when TBT is out there.  Then I watch him.
Thanks fer comin on my garden tour!  We got a surprize fer treats today.  TBT cooked a WHOLE chick-hen an we can all have as much as we want.  An there is fresh Nip leafs and chicken juice, and milk!