Saturday, October 08, 2011

Window Whiffies!

It finally got cool enough so TBT would open the deck door an a window.  We have been enjoyin it lots fer a couple days!

First, the deck door...
At first, he opened it just a little.
But then he opened it wider.
It was wunnerful!
Ya may notice that Ayla is hangin back a bit...
Thats cuz she REALLY felt embarrassed.  
She ran across the room and tried to run OUT of the house...
An bounced back offa the screen!  Lets just say "she was a bit surprised".  Well, ya really cant see the screen unless ya are up close like we were, and she started her jump (over us) from a good 5' away.
Ya can see the disgruntled look on her face...
We sure wish we could go out.  Well, Iza can, but only wants to fer the garden tours.  She is considerate of our envy about that.

[Iza:  Actally, I dont go out cuz of all the mosquitos, but let Marley an Ayla think I am bein considerate]