Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Werdy Wensday

More Werd Verification Werds:

1.  Ilfor - My Bein been ilfor days, but she better clean the litterbox SOON!
2.  Sesses - Fewest same letters in a Werd Verification Werds?
3.  Dooti - Litter box stuff.
4.  Broof - Im a girlkitty, and Marley is a Bro of mine.
5.  Caters - Beins who like us kitties!
6.  Rinsh - The part of the kitty baf that comes after "wash".
7.  Nurlogs - More recent than "Oldrlogs".
8.  Evershi - An forever unspayed girlcat.
9.  Hangant - A VERY slow way ta kill a bug.