Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Food Bowl Confusion

ALL:  We allus eat in the same positions.  Iza on the left, Ayla on the right, an "Marley-In-The-Middle".  Its jus the same as before Marley arrived, but no middle position then.  Meaning that We ate far apart so there was no OTHER place for (new) Marley's bowl ecept between us.  We hope that makes sense...

So it is ALLUS like this (old picture from early August):
Ecept when it isnt!  It ALL went wrong at breakfast this mornin.  We arent even sure ezactly what happened, but ONE of us got at the wrong position and ANOTHER of us moved ta a differnt bowl.  Iza was SO UPSET she walked away all unhappy-like.
Then Ayla tried ta find the "right" bowl an nudged Marley away (no easy feat)!
She ate from the MOST wrong bowl (Iza's, but Marley was at that one first annyway).
But that was cuz someone ate from HER bowl...  All in all, it is thunk that Marley ended up eatin MOST of the breakfast, but HE complained about feelin hungry too.  So none of us know quite what went on ecept we are PRETTY sure TBT dint eat anny of it.

TBT:  Connected to this odd incident, perhaps, is their latest weight measurements.  A few months ago, it was (something like) Ayla 6 lbs, Iza 12 lbs, Marley 11 lbs.  Last month, it was Ayla 7.5 lbs, Marley 12 lbs, Iza 12.5 lbs...

Well today, it was Ayla 9 lbs, Iza 12.5 lbs, Marley 11.5 lbs!

Ayla has really been catching up to adult Meezer female weight since her successful spay operation.  And, while having a tiny 5.5 kitty was nice on the lap, I am happier to see her seem to get to a healthier size and weight.  Some of you Kitties and People may have noticed in recent pictures that she is more alike in size to Iza and Marley lately...

My goal (expectations?) is that Ayla will settle at 10 lbs, Iza at 13 lbs, and Marley at 14-16 lbs for their middle years.  Its hard to control the weights of individual kitties when they all eat together and none will leave food in the collective bowls, but I try.

But with Ayla's recent weight gain, I think we can guess who made the most of the food bowl confusion this morning...  LOL!