Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Afternoon Solon

AYLA: TBT was readin ta me (he on his chair an I on his lap) from a book about old France.  Important female Beins used ta lounge around an discuss IMPORTANT topics of the day from places showin their HIGH RANK.

And I AM, after all, a princess...

I decided ta give that a try with Marley.  He DOES seem unusally bright for a male, and it dint seem right ta bestow my wisdom on Iza (who, between us, can be a real guttersnipe who's only innerest is on food an TBT's lap).  So I invited him to my sleeping quarters (supervised, of course by TBT).

I posed philosofical questions to him and we discussed his answers.  Like:

"Are butterflies made of real butter,
And why do they have wings?
Do hummingbirds actally hum
Or does they secretly sing?"

We discussed that fer a while.  He said he thought butter might melt in Summer and hummers probly sang like other birds.  I proclaimed that they had to be butter or they wouldnt have that name, and "of course hummers hum" (name thing again).
He was subdued an awed by my edicated an suttle answers, as you can plainly see here with his head bowed!
Then he got ta ask a question.  "Why does a mouse when it spins?"

I said: "Spins?  Hmm...  And 'why?', um, well you see they um..."

I dont think Ill have another solon with Marley!!!  Next thing you know, he will be asking other silly questions, like why apples fall from trees (answer; cuz they dont fall UP, do they?).  HMMPH!

Mebbe I SHOULD give Iza a try...