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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Not much left in the garden, the asters an mums flopped all down in the rain again.  But I'll show ya what we have...

The sedums are at their best right now.  It looks nice an deep red from back a bit.
But nicer closer up...
The marigolds are holding up well!  They have done so well ALL summer long that we will give them more space (in more colors) next year.  They are easy to grow from seeds too, an that helps get a lot of them.  An ya can see there are still a few red salvia bloomin in the back.  More of THEM next year too.
The amazing summer-growin pansies are still hangin on.  Fewer then before, but the pretty little fellers are still smilin at us!
Today's refreshment bar is out on the lawn today cuz I arranged it.  Not that Ayla an Marley havent done SPECTACULAR all year, but I wanted a turn.  So we have a natural-growin catmint plant over HERE, pond water over THERE, an I have scatterred several kinds of treats (salmon, dairy, an chicken) all over the (newly cleaned) warm cement patio fer yer huntin (an rollin) pleasure... 

We jus thought it would be a nice change of pace.  :)

Tour an treats all day, don't worry if yer late!