Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Enough Room

MARLEY:  TBT finally sat down fer a while last night.  Ayla got right up on his lap, so me an Iza curled up on the otto-man. 

Then Ayla got up to go look at somethin on the TV.  I couldnt see what was on, but I heard some birdie sounds.  I was too comfortable ta turn around an look.
The TV dint hold Ayla's attention fer long, an she decided ta come an squeeze in between us.  That dint really werk very well.  There isnt enough  room fer all 3 of us there. Iza turned an told Ayla ta stop sittin on her.  Ayla replied that if Iza wasnt so fat there WOULD be enough room. 

I decided that leaving the scene was a wise idea, especially cuz TBT's lap was available.
I hadda nice peaceful hour, though Ayla an Iza fussed an muttered at each other off an on...