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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, we almost dint have a tour today cuz of the rain, but it stopped.  The grass is still wet, but we can walk along the stone border an stay dry...

Sadly, the garden is startin ta fade out fer the year, so mostly there is just a little left.

First, lets go visit the veggie garden.  We havent shown that often (it wasnt a real success this year).  The tamaters had trouble all season, but there are a few ripening now..
The zuckinizoochini, green squash is FINALLY startin ta produce.  TBT only got 1 earlier, back in July!  It looks like there are 6 or 7 of them now.
The basil is still growin.  But not fer long; they die fast in cold weather.
The bell peppers did "OK" this year.  There are 2 in the fridge now, and 3 more ripening.
These red lettuces look gorgeous, dont they?  But they been growin all year.  They got ate down ta the ground by some critter and grew back in hot weather.  TBT says it tastes like leathery grass.  He'll leave them grow fer the appearance...
This is celery on the left and then carrots.  The celery never grew stalks and the carrots never grew roots.  TBT says he will use the celery leafs inna salad and leave the carrots ta bloom next year fer the butterflies.
Now fer the flower part of the garden...  The marigolds are still doing well, but ya can see the flowers are startin ta die.  I dont see any new blossoms.
Here is 1 lone coneflower that bloomed this week.  I dont know what got IT going, but its nice ta see.
The sedum is about as deep red as it will get.  The next color change is... brown.
An speaking of last blooms, here is the last petunia flower.  There IS a blossom, but it may get too cold tonite for it ta survive an open.
In place of the petunias, there will be some pansies with BIG flowers on them.  But he will wait fer the last petunia flower ta die before planting them.
Since it is kinna chilly out, Ayla has chosen warm chicken juice, warm milk, and salmon crunchie treats as snacks today.  Thanks fer comin on our garden tour today in spite of all the wet...