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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Today, sadly, we mostly have the flowers fadin fer the Winter...

But we will start with the good parts.  The burning bushes are at their peak of bright red. 

They are a bit boring most of the year, but they really show off now.
And we have the new-planted large pansies...  This is the "before" pic where the dying petunias were...
And here is the "after" pic ya can see now.  They dont have many flowers, but they will soon.  There are yellow an blue ones intermixed.
The rest of the yard is fadin fer the the year.  The hostas are yellow, which DOES mean a color, but its a sad color.

We will miss the hostas til next May.  We like them lots.

This is the sweetshrub.  Its goin yeller, too.
We think this is a quaking aspen tree.  The colors are "nice".
The tomato bed has been cleared for the year.  *sigh*
The Mums didnt stand up to the hard rain an are all flopped over.  I TOLD TBT to snip the branches ta make them bushier,  but he never got around to it...  Well, thats what happens when he doesnt listen ta me...
Not the most vibrant garden tour of the year, but thats what happens this time of the season.

Happily, we have great snacks ta make up for it.  TBT cooked a TURKEY!  An he cut off 
an cooked one whole part what dint have ANNY spices and awful stuffs like that JUST fer us!

So Ayla did her best cookin werk today (directin TBT).  We have diced turkey breast with Nip mixed in, and REAL gravy on the side.  An kitty-Djinn Niptinis (ya have two an ya can think ya can make wishes)!  And pond water fer those who want it...

Thanks fer comin by fer our garden tour!