Sunday, November 13, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:   Happy Easy Sunday...

We are doin our best Easy Sunday today. Oh that stuff on the floor?  TBT gave me another egg carton yesserday, an I love to rip them up.  He is relaxted about it. an hasn't swept it up yet. 
We kept werkin at the Easy today.  Have to be.  We kept TBT awake alot last night...  He was tolerant, but not happy.
We kept walking around on the bed, ya know?   He would rather we just found sleepin spots even unner the blankies and on him.  He doesn't sleep good ya know.
So we curled up our best on him today. Ta make up fer it, ya know.  We do the best we can.
Ayla an me do the lap while he watches the TV.
Marley does the Otto-man usally.  But dont let him fool ya.  He does laps too.
but he don't want ta admit it.  Boycats are weerd sometimes about that.  He seems ta know when the camera is NOT in reach when hes on the lap.  But he is there more often than ya might guess.

I got ta ask him about that "avoidin the camera" trick one day...