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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You All

MARLEY:    OK. I read all yer advices.  So I will wear the fancy green collar, I have a new sqeeky mouse wrapped up as a hostess gift, and I have a small bag of fresh Nip leafs to go along with it as a bouquet. 

I am prepared to stay in the PTU for the 2 hour drive, I greet Lucy as she greets me, I give her my gifts, and hopes she likes them, an try to just "be myselfs".  Oh, I hope I can remember all that when I meet her!  Im feeling clumsy an stupid already! 

TBT promises ta help me get through this...  He BETTER!

I've esplained to Ayla an Iza that I will be gone all day for a visit.  Ayla is a bit distressed (not havin me ta lick all day). Iza just yawned an said "more room on the warm bed fer me".  TBT promised them some turkey an gravy, so I think they will be OK.

I'm tempted to suggest TBT bring Iza along, but she just moans in the car, so that wouldn't be a good trip.  Besides, Iza might be whappy with Lucy, an I sure dont want that! Ayla said she is jealous but DOESNT want ta be in the car that long.  So it seems OK all around that I go an they dont.

I'll let ya all know how it went when I get back home...

Im nervous!