Thursday, November 24, 2011

Off They Went

AYLA:  It feels kinna weerd seeing TBT an Marley goin off on a whole day trip.  Well, at least he isnt going ta the vet (but he will soon, I saw the card in the mail yesserday).  But there was no point tellin him about THAT yet.

Im not sure what Iza an I will do today.  Probaly whap each other a bit, play with toys, then spend the day on the warm bed.  I'll watch the birds from the bafroom window, I spose.  Damn its boring without Marley here!

But its kinna weerd them not being here all day.  Mebbe I SHOULD have gone along.  But it sounded kinna like a "date" fer Marley, so...

I guess Ill just sit her til they come back.  Marley promised ta tell me all about his trip. 

They should be back in about 8 hours.  Not that Im countin down the hours, ya know...  But Im pretty sure it is 8.  Mebbe 7 now.  It feels weerd...

I hope Iza wants ta be licked for 7 hours...  I think I better get off the puter...  Its gonna be a long day.