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Saturday, November 26, 2011


MARLEY:  Well, things are really sad here.  Ayla keeps hissing at me an Im confoosed.  I assume she smells some Lucyfer furs on me.  I've licked myself clean as possible (and even Iza has helped), but evry time Ayla comes by an sniffs me, she hisses.  Seriously, she is ANGRY.

She won't nap with me, won't eat next to me, and won't use the litterbox near me.  I thought she was jealous of my trip at first, but thats not it now.  She treats me like an intooder cat!!!  Its not like it was MY fault I got a few furs on me.

She is normal around Iza, and Iza is normal around me!

TBT says I may need ta take a real wet bath!  I've never had one of those before.  They seem awful.  I'm not sure if that would help.  TBT took 2 showers and Ayla hisses at him too, still. An Ayla hasnt been on the bed, TBT's lap, or unner the covers since we got back.  She is being a total jerk.  But I want to fix things.  I would do annything!

Anny suggestions?