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Thursday, December 01, 2011


TBT:  Well, a week of Felliway, an 2 days of dabs of vanilla to the heads, and guess what?  Calm reigns supreme again!

I woke up last night and saw Marley and Ayla sleepin together on the bed.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera at hand, so please accept this older picture as representative of the event.
It may have been the Felliway, it may have been the vanilla, it may have simply been a matter of time and Marley grooming himself, or maybe it was just me stroking all of them and spreading the Lucyfer scent around.  But Ayla has settled down again.

Its odd though.  Marley and Iza didn't react to me dabbing a little vanilla on the tops of their heads, other than some initial annoyance at being grabbed.  But Ayla started hissing both times for several minutes.  Maybe she doesn't like the smell of vanilla.

But things seem to be back to normal...

On another subject, my sister asked me to ask all of you for recommendations for a good cat harness.  She has one with a strap across the chest and straps for the front legs to go into (if I understood the demonstration correctly) but floofy Lucy is a better-than-average escape artist and slips right out of it.  Any brand/model suggestions?