Friday, December 02, 2011

More Happy Nappin

AYLA:  Yeah, we are all together again.  The introoder cat who LOOKED like Marley went away and the real Marley was back yesserday.  I was sure glad ta see him again.  I hope he wasnt scared being away for a week.  Mebbe he was at the vet, but he doesnt smell like it.

Annyway, I gave him LOTS of attention yesserday, an he seemed glad ta be back.  Iza dint seem all that surprised ta see him. 
BTW, see all that stuff on the floor?  Thats one of Iza's shredded egg cartons.  She REALLY loves ripping them ta pieces.
They were just sittin on the otto-man.
Watchin the TV...
An all of a sudden I hopped up to groom Marley.
 Its nice ta have him back!
So I gave him a thorough going-over...
Then I felt hungry an went ta polish off the food bowls.

Iza dint seem ta react to the introoder-Marley, nor when the real one returned.  I worry about the girl sometimes; I suspect she wouldnt mind if Marley and I both disappeared.   She is totally  oriented ta TBT.  I mean, WE like him too, but she is a REAL suck-up. 

She sits on the arm of the chair while he is eating dinner and nuzzles him the whole time, curls up in his lap when he is done,  an even shoves her nose into hims armpit (yuck)!  She even imitates him now.  He reaches over ta scratch her head and she reaches out a paw ta scratch his!  Unfortunately fer him, she has claws.  Heh, heh...

Im waitin fer Marley ta go on the bed so I can groom him some more, away from Iza.  I get jealous when he is near her.