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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The No Cuddle Box

AYLA:  Drat!  Apparently, Marley wants to nap alone today.
 Says he wants to give his over-eye whiskers a chance ta grow back, so he's in the "no cuddle" box.
There isn't room for 2.  Im feelin frustrated.  Im SPOSED ta groom him evry day, a lot!  I think.  Mebbe Ive been overdoing it?  Thinkin... thinkin... thinkin...  Nope!  Boycats dont groom enough; Big Sisfurs have ta help them, an Iza isn't anny help.   Bast, half the time when she tries ta groom ME, she just licks my collar a few times and quits!  I WORRY about that girlcat sometimes.  No "other-grooming" instincts AT ALL...
Mebbe I should bite his tail...  Nah. I'll let him nap.  Plenty of time ta groom him later!  He HAS ta come out eventually.


ON A HAPPIER SEPARATE SUBJECT, we got our Secret Paw names yesserday and we are ecited!  We immediately visited their bloggie, looked at stuff they liked before, thought about what they said they wanted, and had TBT make up a list.  He went out hunting today an brought back some cool stuff!

An WE get ta help wrap the stuff.  Mostly pawing the gift wrap we like best ta indicate which wraps ta use fer each gift (cuz we are NOT allowed to handle sticky tape and ribbon distracts us oddly) and scribbling the names on labels.  Of course, we will snoopervise TBT carefully to make sure he packs the boxes good.  That means we will whap the packing stuffs and pounce on them to make sure they are solid and wont shift around while being shipped...

Ooh, we are so ecited by alla this...  We cant wait fer our good friends to see this great stuff!