Sunday, December 11, 2011

Easy Like Sunday, But Differnt

We are spending the day chillaxin on the cat trees.  But we are givin a thought to Skeeter, LC, and how lucky we are today too.

I (Ayla) knew both Skeeter and LC.  I (Iza) knew LC.  I (Marley) never met either, but I sure wish I had.

AYLA:  Having met them both, being the eldest here, and having gone into heat evry few weeks after 2 spays for several years (which sometimes put me in an other-world), I stayed in contact with Skeeter and LC longer.  Sadly, I've started ta lose the connection lately.  But I can report that Skeeter's best buddys are Cloud Dancer and Mr Henry who crossed the Bridge with him the same day.  They have many many other friends of course, but they feel a special connection.

LC is still most connected with Skeeter, but she has come to think of Cloud-Dancer and Mr Henry as brothers.  Skeeter chose to be 5 years old again, she chose to be the 6 months old  when Skeeter was protecting her from Mean Old Tinkerbelle.  Well, it doesn't really matter over the Bridge.  You can (apparently) be anny age you want to be (and we wouldn't bet anny Nip that ya cant change yer age over there).  No kitty ever harms another there annyway.

But today is a special Easy Like Sunday here.  Not to dwell on it too much,  but we are rememberin Skeeter an respectin all the cats who went before, today.  So let us all bow our heads and purr...
And then look around at our house to be thankful fer OUR lives and the GOOD things we have.  The list is long, but YOU know them too so I won't go into details.
Um, Marley, ya SHOULD try ta stay awake for this.  Its my big speech fer the day...
*Sigh*  At least he doesnt snore.

But OK, we are thankful fer Marley BECAUSE he is relaxed an laid-back and SOMEHOW stopped us from havin hissy-fits alla time like we did before he came here.  So I guess we cant ezactly blame him fer bein laid-back. Its what he does best.  He is as soothing as gentle rain on the roof, soft waves meeting the shore, a gentle Spring breeze passing by yer tail, and sunshine on yer back.

But couldnt ya at LEAST stay awake?  I should throw a kibble at him. THAT would get him awake, he LOVES kibbles...

Ah Marley...  Ya are a living feline Felliway!  Nothing upsets ya, nothing annoys ya, ya sleep between us an we sleep better too.  Little Brother, ya make evrything better in our lifes!!!

(TBT:  Me too, an you know what Marley?  Skeeter is SO proud of you...  You are doing GOOD guy).

UPDATE:  We just hit 100,000 visitors!  Wow!  Never thought that could happen!  Yeah, we know some kitties get that in a year, but we don't.  So...  Cool!  TBT says we all get extra treats tonite!  Double COOL!