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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Oh Bast, when the ecitement of prezzies hits, all sensible thoughts go RIGHT out the windows!!!

We saw the word "Parker" on our Secret Paws prezzie package an we jumped off the roof of the house onto the weeds of a conclusion.  So apologies AND proper thanks are in order!  In order to do this as best we can to make up fer our blind prezzie lust, we have decided to do a "Top 10 List" like on the David Letterman talk show (but we're not good at jokes):

10.  If the package says it was from Finland, it probably wasn't from someone we know in the US!  Smarter kitties would have noticed something like THAT! 

9.  We are not just stupid, we are PROFOUNDLY stupid, like American Republican politicians.

8.  The Big Thing should NOT EVER EVER EVER try to drink wine AND post at the same time.

7.  The Punapippuri are the BEST kitties in the whole world!

6.  There are even MORE of them than there are at Katnip Lounge, an we dint know THAT was possible!!!

5.  Their names are:  Harris, Lewis, Stran, Aila, Punapippuri, Tuomo, Mirsku, Rilli, Risto, Roosa, Ruska, Pekka, Jaava, and Jura (and we SURE hope we got all those names right)!  Our paws are REALLY not used to some of those letter combinations. 

4.  Aiti (sorry we can't add the umlats or whatever they are called, because it probably matters) has to be one of the BEST Beins in the world.

3.  If the labels on the toys are not in English, it probably means they came from FAR AWAY!

2.  If the labels on the toys are in Finlandia (Finlandish?, Finnish?), it means they are things we NEVER saw HERE.

1.  Did we mention that the Punapippuri are the BEST kitties in the world?  EVERYKITTY should go visit them!
Aita Parker and Kissa:  Please forgive us our error.  These were the loveliest prezzies we ever got an we are going to TRY to teach The Big Thing to read WHOLE address labels in the future.  The sisal rope/feather toy is now a house favorite, we all LOVE the wand toy, and we can't WAIT to get at that glove thing on Chrissymouse Day!  Ayla is especially taken by the glitter mousies!  She carries then all over the house.

And we are REALLY glad that you celebrate Solstice!

Ayla, Iza, Marley, and The Big (dumb) Thing

(Now, evrykitty,  go back an read our previous post with this "accuratified" in mind)

Secret Paw Prezzies!

UPDATE:  OOPS, we got the sender wrong.  Dumb The Big Thing!!!  See the above post for corrections and apologies...

OK, we know it was early.  It was early in the morning, and it was before Crissymouse Day.  But we do Solstice Day here cuz it is a natural event, and we couldn't wait anny longer ta open our prezzies on the day it was allowed!

We bugged TBT all early morning.  We just couldn't wait an were so ecited.  So he got up. dragged yesserdays clothes on, stretched and griped, an got out in the rooms.

We got ta open our prezzies.  We were so thrilled!  Our Secret Paw was PARKER!  One of our best friends!  So we attacked the package.  We COULDNT rip it open!  Man, Parker must have stock in wrapping tape!  Even TBT hadda use all his strengths an thumbs (and a knife) to pull the package open!

But what great stuff we found when he DID!

Here is the most wrapped package we EVER got.
We sniffed it thoroughly.
There was a lovely card!
Iza found a cool toy right off.  Sisal rope with FEVVERS!!!  And Nip.
She went right after it...
Chased into all the corners of the house.
And there were THESE mosusies.  Oh man, we nevver had GLITTERY mousies afore!!!
We think this glove has multi-mousies dangling, but TBT says we should save THAT one fer later.  We think he wants to play with it first (to see how it operates).
 And A package of mousies like we never saw before...
 Iza sniffies...
Ayla sniffies...
Marley sniffies...   We all approve.
Iza takes the last package from the table to the floor while I'm not looking...
She REALLY likes it, so it must be great.
She claims it.  But all toys here belong to all.  She knows that!
Look, its a wand toy!!!
Many colors, too.  And a mousie at the end.
Iza attacks it!
Waits for it to move...
I help it move.  Iza goes crazy loving it!
She waits while it stops moving...
Then attacks when it moves.
 And again!  She LOVES this thing...
I left it on the floor.  In just a hour, it has been pulled around from the living room, down the hall, into the bedroom, back down the hall, down the stairs, and back up...

Parker, thank you so much fer these REALLY GREAT toys!!!  We are havin a wunnerful time with them!

Ayla, Iza, and Marley, an The Big Thing