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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wensday Weigh Day

IZA:  Im in Trubble!  We all got weighed today.  Last time was almost 3 months ago.

Ayla has gone from 5.5 lbs in July (when her last spay operation was successful) to 9.5 lbs in Toctober, but is down to 9 lbs now.

Marley weighed 12 lbs in Toctober, an is 11 lbs now.

I weighed 12.5 lbs in Toctober, an now I weigh 14 lbs!   TBT just looked at me an said "DIET"!  Oh this is awful.  I pleaded that I was normal weight.  He said "Adult female siamese, 8-10 lbs".  Ouch!  OK, but we think Im really a tonkinese, we're "sturdier".  He said "OK, I'll give you 2 lbs for that".  Oh Bast, that only gets me to 12 lbs at best!

So I tried arguing that I get all the exercize I can.  I run up an down the cat trees, I chase all the mousies he tosses me at dinnertime, an I have to go up and down the stairs ta get to the litterbox.  But as soon as I said it, I KNEW that was the wrong thing ta say!  If Im getting exercize, theres only one other way ta lose weight - less foods!  "Liposuction?", I said, hopefully.



"OK" I said, "how ya gonna DO it?"  Ha, THAT set him back!

Or so I thought...

After just a minit, he said he had some ideas:
1. No treats (which are really just Eukanuba kibble)
2. I eat in the Mews Room an get smaller portions of Stinky Goodness
3. He chases me around inside the house an hour a day for more exercize
4. Secret plan he wont tell me

Oh, man, that last one worries me most...