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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weighty Issues

Iza:  Oh Bast, its getting worse.  TBT googled Tonkinese an I'm sposed ta weigh only 8-10 pounds MAX!  If I have ta lose 4 pounds, I'm gonna die! 

I look like THIS:

He thinks I should look more like THIS:
Now tell me, is THAT just wrong for me or NOT?

Um, gotta admit, is DOES look good...  Dang, I might be able to climb a tree like that.  Evan catch a evil skwerral!  Cuz I AM allowed outside iffen I want to go (cuz I dont try ta climb the fence)..

I gotta admit, I sure would be a outside huntress like THAT!

An TBT says he sure would like me better on his lap with a few fewer pounds of weight.  Seiriousy, I put his legs to "sleep".

So what do ya think?