Friday, December 30, 2011

The Ess

Ya know what we forgot to do?  Talk about the Ess that TBT got for us a few months ago.  He says we are ungrateful sometimes.  Well, its more that we get behind on out posts an sometimes forget things.

So he brought home an Ess in September an we love it.  Well mostly me.

 Its the best part of my evening.  TBT carefully tosses mousies through the tunnel part of it, an I LOVE that!  I grab them as they run through.  I run all over it, unner the tunnel, around the sides with my claws, all around.  I love it.  I even drag it around.

Usually, its in the living room, but sometimes I even drag it into the bedroom.  Thats a way down the hallway!!! I need ta figure out how ta get it up on the bed so I can play with it on TBT at night.  He might NOT appreciate that so much, so maybe I better keep it in the corrner of the bed, where I usally sleep.

What can I say?  I like the Ess, I like the bed, the 2 ought to be together.  I havent figured out how to lift it to the bed, though, and Marley an Ayla wont help.  Anny suggestions?