Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mr Chewy, Part 2

THE BIG THING:  Well, I need to add to/restate yesterday's post about Mr Chewy.  I didn't want to leave the impression that we didn't like him!

First, about the packing.  As I said, all the cans arrived in perfect condition, but I was concerned that might have just been good fortune since the cases were a bit loose in the shipping box.  I had placed online delivery orders with 2 other companies, and a number of cans were badly dented.  Well, 1 of those surprised me because the cases were packed so well (and the shipping box undamaged) I couldn't see how any damage could occur.  I'm now wondering if the damage occurred in the warehouse from rough handling, and that Mr Chewy treats their products more carefully.

Second, about the prices.  I failed to account for sales tax at the local stores, and that adds up!  Sure the local stores sometimes have stuff on sale, but when I only buy food every few months, that's hit or miss.  Plus, if you set up an automatic delivery schedule, Mr Chewy takes 15% off the first delivery.  And I should add that the regular non-sale prices at Mr Chewy were only 35 cents more per case than Petco (for Halo) which is really irrelevant.

Third, about selection.  No one carries everything, and one of the flavors the cats like was only temporarily out of stock (Halo Lamb).  Another may no longer be available (Science Diet Culinary Creations).  I do wish Mr Chewy sold the Soulistic and Eukanuba canned foods though.  To be fair, Petco had only a few cans of Halo flavors available today.  So nothing is available all the time or everywhere.

Fourth, about convenience.  One of my gripes at Petco is that many of the canned foods are stocked loose.  A shopping cart of 100 or so loose cans is a pain to unload and carrying bags of loose cans is awkward.  They spill all over in the car, too!  And sorting all that out at home is tedious.  I'll take sealed cases delivered to my doorstep  over a few dollars saved at Petco anytime.  Saves on gas too.

Another convenience thing is the automatic delivery schedule at Mr Chewy.  I set up an automatic delivery for every 8 weeks.  And if you start getting more than you need, it is easy to skip a shipment or change the schedule at their website.

So...  I've placed another order with Mr Chewy and set up a delivery schedule.

Thank you, Mr Chewy

P.S.  Because I like to arrange all the flavors so that the cats get the most variety each week, when the new order arrives I will be taking out all the cans and stacking them up on the dining room table.  THAT should be a sight to see!  I'm guessing that will be a great picture for a post next week.


ABBY said...

We liked Mr Chewy too and we did the auto delivery thing too. I suggest you contact them and ask them if they can get the food you are looking for. It never hurts to ask and you may find that they can get it for you.

m.q said...

look like Mr Chewy is popular brand there


BoBo Salem
Meow Meow Family

Brian said...

Yep, what Abby said. I asked about the one they didn't have and they are going to see if they can get it.

The Island Cats said...

TBT, you might want to contact Mr. Chewy and ask them about carrying those foods that you want. They didn't have one flavor of food that we eat and we contacted them and they are now carrying it. We like Mr. Chewy's prices and think they have a better selection than our Petco or Petsmart. And our mom loves having foods delivered to our door rather than her having to go to the store and buy it. We hope your next delivery goes well!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yes, we are probably going to set up a schedule as soon as we even out about what flavors we like to eat. At one can a day it takes us awhile to eat through cases and we do like variety!

William said...

We just make Mom go to the store. And we are so picky about stuff that she doesn't dare get a whole bunch of the same flavor. Our tastes are merely whims!

Ha ha ha ha, my word is CATIO!

The Cat From Hell said...

Wowwie! Me will be looking forward to seeing all that foods! We don't has lots like that. mommy only buys a couple of weeks worth at a time. She says she needs to gets out of town once in a while.

Cara n Crew said...

we appreciated your honest review! we placed an order last week for some food and treats that our mom has a hard time finding locally. We can't wait to see how everything fares in the shipping.

You know, the on-line stores are a lot like the local shops: not everyone has everything (darn it!), mol!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

I'm like William. I make my Human go to the store. The exercise does her good, MOL!

Also, anytime she has bought a whole lot of one kind or flavor at a time, I have made her live to regret it. Let's just say Aggie and Wally have been the beneficiaries of MANY Spitty-rejects.

Oui Oui said...

Someone mentioned they asked My Chewy if he would carry a couple items they liked and he did. If might be worth asking if they would stock the items you'd like to buy from them. They seem very accommodating.

Eric and Flynn said...

We didn't see the post before this because we lost our connection in the afternoon and didn't get it back until yesterday morning, then our mouse went crazy and cleared our google reader so we didn't know who we had and had not visited. We are glad you are giving Mr Chewy a second try because he seems very popular. We wish he would start up in the UK too. We know a couple of (very expensive) pet food delivery companies who would have their noses put out of joint.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We are looking forward to the picture of all the cans!
Haven't had time to look into Mr Chewy yet but will soon. Agree about the loose cans when shopping at Petco & Petsmart.