Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Last Wensday Werd Verification Werds

AYLA:  The Werd Verification Werds was allus MY thing.  I had a lot of fun with them.

Yeah, these are the old style, but I collected them "back then" and might as well use up the last of some good ones.  Looks like it will be the last...

So for old times sake...

1.  NOMMI - A Treat.
2.  WAYBACKS - Mr Peabody's Machines.
3.  PHORT - A secure place ta nap (boxes or chair tents).
4.  LYISH - Tending ta deny breaking the vase.
5.  BASTSABE - The Lone Ranger's kitty sidekick version of "Kemo Sabe".
6.  TRIMP - Not quite "The Donald".
7.  UNBUT - To scootch around the carpet, gettin the clingons off.
8.  PRETTIO - A Catio surrounded by flowers.
9.  YARDI - The outside version of Housi.

And sadly, with the new version of werd verification, this is probably the last of these.  We have enjoyed making humorous sense of the werds, but all things come to an end...

"Should auld (werd verification werds) come to mind
Be fergot and never brought to light...

We'll take a taste of Nip my friends

For days when we had (sensible werds) to type!



Eric and Flynn said...

We always like your definitions, but we thought a phort was when something made you snort with laughter and a fart popped out.

Brian said...

We're all still giggling over #7!!!

Cara n Crew said...

Ayla, we will mis your word definitions. We unbut here too, our mom appreciates the skid mark on the carpet, mol!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

The Island Cats said...

Now another reason why we hate the new word verification!!