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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: TBT was out on the deck an it is a nice day.  So I kept askin him iffen I could come out an join him.
"Me out?  Me out?  Me out?"

It dint werk.  I probly shouldnt have climbed over the fence the last few times he let me outside.  That was last Summer.  But it doesnt hurt to ask once in a while...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We think it is allus a good idea ta get some exercise after a good breakfast.  An upraised paw is the signal to start.
It begins with a quick circling around...
Followed by a face-off...
And the exercising commences!
Bunny-kicks are VERY good fer the legs.
As is laying or sitting still and tensing ALL the muscles.
NOW it is time fer our Easy Like Sunday naps!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


MARLEY:  We dont get our favrit catgrass (oats) all the time.  They get eaten or they die back an TBT has forgotten to have a new pot ready.  But we enjoy them whenever they show up.
Iza really goes for them fast
And its kinna hard ta get your own share.
Ya gotta push yer nose right in there
An start chompin!
Even iffen its just a fallin-down oat.

TBT picked up Iza an gave her some attention so that Ayla an I could get a turn.
But she squirmed an squirmed til she could get back an pull the pot towards her.
So NEXT time, TBT is gonna wait til she is sleepin in the bedroom before he puts the pot down on the floor...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pillow Princess

AYLA:  All Bloo pillows are MINE!

So Im lookin around ta make sure Iza isnt sneakin around ready ta jump up.
Good, shes not.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The Big Thing here...  I feel odd about asking this, but my remaining sister has a cause and I am asking for help with it.  Sister Susie has worked with mentally problematic adults for 17 years now. 

The charitable organization that helps her patients is NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), and they are having one of those fundraising walkathons in May.  Sister Susie is going to be walking.

IF this is a matter that you care about, there is a donation site for Sister Susie's walk.

She does so much hard work for her patients, it would be good if she got some support.  She is the one I mentioned once who has the kitteh "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" who has a wonderful life with her.  Marley met Lucy at Thanksgiving last year.  Susie and Lucy are a good Bein and Kitteh.

It's just a thought, and there are so many good causes...  But any little bit helps her help her patients.

The Big Thing

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Laundry Pile

AYLA:  Oh Happy Days!  I caught the laundry pile while it was still warm...

 It doesnt get much better than this.
I wonder when the next (warmer) load  shows up?  Well, I'll be here waiting for it...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mancat Monday?

IZA:  Since its Mancat Monday, I am showing Marleys favrit nappin spot - his chair tent.  But look who is in it today!  ME!
It OK, I asked purrmission first...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  I like sleepin against the pillows
THEY like the middle sometimes...
But we are all on the same bed, so thats good...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not Enough Room!

MARLEY: Ah the silly girls sometimes...
Ayla:  Hey! MY nappin spot.  I was here first!  Besides, all BLOO spots belong ta ME.

Iza:  Fine, I'll just go sleep with TBT!  So THERE...  I like the RED blankies better annyway. 

Ayla:  Wait, ya can stay here, I want TBT.

Iza:  Too late, I claimed him!

Ayla: Oh no you dont!

Iza:  Yes I do!

No ya dont, yes I do, no ya dont. yes I do...

MARLEY:  Normally, I would get between them at this point.  But tonight, I think I will just crawl unner the covers and enjoy a quiet night sleepin against TBT legs while the sisters fuss about it...

SOMETIMES a wise mancat just stays out of the fussin.  Ya know?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Freaky Friday

Alternate Universes:

"I swear, Marley, that bunny outside this morning was THIS tall!"

"Marley, you tap my butt again while Im busy scratchin an I'll WHAP you!"

"Hmmm, good 3-point stance, Ayla, but I think ya need more extention of the whappin paw."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Comforting Smells

IZA:  We all have some smells of our Beins that we find comforting and familiar.  For us, its mostly TBTs clothes...

I like TBTs socks when he takes his shoes off.
Ayla goes in for the whole experience.  She likes ta sleep in one of the laundry bins.
I find that a bit TOO comforting, iffen ya know what I mean...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We woke up a little grumpy today.
Cuz TBT got up EARLY!
Bast, it was only 8 am...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toesy Tuesday

IZA: I LIKE having my toesies cameraed!
 That way, theres no flashie...
In my eyes.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  When yer a mancat, it is proper ta make yer sister comfortable.
Even iffen it means bein a pillow fer a couple hours...
BTW, The number of empty cans from the party was 37.  Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie at Cara N Crew nailed it almost immediately!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Tale Of The Cans

IZA:  Well TBT rinsed out all the cans an piled them up.  LOOK at how many cans we all went through at the party...
 Ayla an I just had to look them all over.
Afterwards, I just kept starin at them all...
Can you guess how many cans there are?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Day After

IZA:  Thanks ta everyone fer comin to my one-week-after-birfday, all-you-can-eat, and Friday-the-13th party.  It was wunnerful!  It was so much fun seein evrykitty tryin to eat as much as possible.

We went to bed with about a dozen visitors still sleepin all over the house.  We dint get up til 1 pm ourselfs, and evryone had teleported home by then. 

So we are just gonna sit around an do nothing the rest of the day.  TBT is cleanin up an rinsin out all the cans so he can take a picture of the pile ta post later (tomorrow probly).

Thanks again fer comin...

Friday, April 13, 2012


IZA:  Oh wow, I just found out about this belated birfday party fer me!  No wonder evryone was actin funny around the computer today when I wanned ta get on it.

Well, TBT brought out evry kitty food bowl stashed away.
None of US have ever even SEEN some of them before!  Like those double bowls...  Who would ever eat that close together?

Annyway, this party is ta celebrate my joy of eating.  We got lots of foods.
So, let the eatin BEGIN!!!

I am SO READY...


PS, we dont care what the post says, it is FRIDAY 12:03 AM here...

6 am UPDATE:   MARLEY:  Wow 8 cans gone already at 6 am!  Sparkle an Ayla ate out of one of the double bowls together in the MewsRoom, trading jokes about mancats..  "Small cats together", I guess...  Though I sure wouldn't mind sharing a bowl with Sparkle.  Ooh I just realized I was probly the subject of some of the jokes.  *blush*.

10 am UPDATE:  IZA here.  The party is startin ta get going good.  24 cans of foods eaten!  I made an honorary yak to break the ice.  No kitty wanted ta be the first, ya know.  So I put it right in the middle of the hallway where evrykitty could see it before TBT scooped it up.  Happily, I was followed by several others who saw it really was OK.  That leaves us room for MORE food!  TBT has had better days, but he expected this so he is not upset.

UPDATE NOONAYLA speaking.  The food just keeps coming.  Ive never seen anything like it.  Ive never been able to hack up anny food, so I’ll leave that to the experienced kittehs.  And they HAVE been working at that,  TBT has been busy cleanin up, that IS sort of the point of this party.  Iza has been doin some of her BEST eating/yakking ever.  And some others are keeping up with her.  She feels challenged for once.

I think this is great.  With anny luck, she will be so fat this next week that she cant even walk.  I can only hope.

4pm update – (IZA) I can hardly move.  I’ve never eaten so much in my life.  I must weigh 16 pounds; 2 pounds more than yesserday.  Yet SOME kittehs here are BEATIN me at eating.  I’m both humiliated AND in awe.  I wont name names, (YET).  But there are some real champion eaters here and I gotta get my game up.  Some of these guys and gals are like 12 or even 16, and have a lot more experience.  There is a 20 pound mancat here.  I would ask his name, but he is across the room and I can’t waddle/wiggle on my side that far...

8 pm UPDATE:  MARLEY:  Wow, you should see all the kittehs lyin around and groanin.  I’m not EVEN gonna try ta compete.  But I DID get to share double foodbowls with a coupla cute girlcats.  They ate real dainty-like, so I tried ta do the same.  It was hard when it was my favrit foods.  But at least I dint embarrass myself and push food over the edge of the bowl like SOMECAT I could mention what lives here.  I’m surprised Iza could even stand up!  Oops, forget I mentioned her name.

And yer not gonna BELEEF this, but TBT just brought ought out our box of toys!  Hes gonna start tossin them around ta see if annykitty can move...

UPDATE 10 pm – IZA:  I did my best.  Gained at least 3 pounds.  I even clawed my  over ta another foodbowl on my side like a big male walrus.  An licked foods out while LAYIN on my side.  But I cant win.  Some of those mancats are HOOVERS!  Where on Earth do they PUT it?  I’ve heard rumors of hollow legs…

The funny point of the party so far is the mancat who ate SO much he fell down (well “rolled down”) the stairs.  An the only help he asked was that somekitty push another few foodbowls down ta him.  Said his name was something like Mopar2.  Said his Bein grew huge pumpkins too.  Makes sense, I suppose.

UPDATE 11:30 pm -  Well, we think we are gonna surrender to the night an get some real sleep.  TBT says evryone is welcome to sleepover as long as they want an where ever they want.  We invite evryone to join us on the bed piled around TBT, but if you prefer UTB or in the cat trees or just on chairs, thats OK too.

Nighty night and thanks fer comin to our party! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We decided that since we had all this good canned foods and an automatic reorder arrangement with MR CHEWY, we would have an EATING PARTY, TOMORROW  on Friday The 13th.  Our explanation to TBT was that Iza dint really have a Birfday Party last Friday, so she is owed one an the following Friday would be good.

TBT just stared at us at first, then started that awful Bein laff noise.  But he said "OK"!

Of course OUR idea is to see how much of the pantry shelf of new foods we can ALL eat up in one day!  But dont tell HIM...

There wont be any real hams, roasted chickens, turkeys, ground cows, real live dead shrimps, or even fishies.  Instead, there will be the best canned foods we know of.

Sure, there will be toys ta play with, an the cat trees ta climb (ya gotta work up an appetite before and burn off some of that food after ta make room fer more), but the main purpose is just to EAT!

We'll have everything we showed the other day...
Nutro Max Chicken&Lamb, Nutro Max Chicken&Liver, Nutro Max Turkey&Giblets, Halo Spots Stew Lamb, Halo Spots Stew Chicken, Halo Spots Stew Turkey, Wellness Chicken, Wellness Turkey, Avoderm Chicken, Royal Canin, an Eukanuba Lamb and Eukanuba Chicken.

But we also have some we liked once an dont now.  Like Soulistic Chicken, Evo Chicken&Turkey, and Castor&Pollux Chicken.

So you can come by an TRY ALL 15 ta see iffen ya like any of them.  Or just eat the favrits ya know.

TBT says that, given the Roman Gorgy planned (oh drat, he figured it out; we JUST cant fool him sometimes), he will set up extra litterboxes an keep his special Throw-Up Kit (a plastic dustpan an a squegee) close at hand.

Ya gotta admit, THIS will be a different kind of party.  Eat want ya want, eat til ya drop, and there will be Nip all around ta keep ya hungry!

And we will have TBT take a picture of all the empty cans afterwards...

It starts at Midnight tomorrow an lasts til Midnight that night!  Lets see how much we can eat.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weighty Wensday

MARLEY:  Well, with all that food we all saw yesserday, and that we get canned food 4 times a day, we thought we better mention that we got weighed again...

Iza - 14 lbs
Marley - 12.5 lbs
Ayla - 9 lbs

Now thats probly good fer Ayla an she has stayed the same weight a couple months now.  She was only 5.5 lbs all those years when she was goin into heat alla time.  Tiny was cute, but probably not the right weight. 

12.5 lbs is OK fer me as a mancat at 19 months.  I'll probably top out at about 14 lbs.  TBT says Skeeter reached 16 pounds (of pure muscle) but also that he was longer an taller than me, so that makes sense.

But Iza...  Oh she was fat at 12 lbs an her nickname was "Pudge" then.  An now 2 more lbs.  I don't mean ta say she is like one of those superfatcats that look like basketballs with baseball-size kitty-heads, but when she walks down the hall, she does roll a bit from side to side. 

I "walk", Ayla "prances", Iza "waddles".

TBT says he finds a diet fer Iza hard to manage.  She eats her bowl, I eat mine, Ayla eats 1/2 of hers an wants to finish it later.  Naturally, Iza eats Aylas other half.  He tried putting her other half up high where Iza cant get to, but than I eat it.  He tried putting her food up so high that neither she nor I could get there on our own, but he never knows when Ayla wants to finish her meal an she jumps down from ANY height iffen she isnt ready to finish. 

An he isnt quite ready to lock her in the mewsroom until she eats her other half.  She just yells an rattles the door.  It would be easiest iffen there was some food Ayla liked but Iza an I didnt, but Ayla is the picky one.  I like most canned foods an Iza would eat sawdust iffen it had gravy on it.

Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chewy Tuesday

We got all ecited Friday cuz a big box arrived an it said MR CHEWY on it!  We know that means FOOD.  An then ANOTHER box arrived on Saturday!  That was good cuz we were down ta one flavor of good stuff an one that we decided ta suddenly stop liking last month.  Never mind that we been eatin it happily fer a whole year.  We just felt like changin our minds...

But TBT dint open the boxes til today, which was annoyin cuz he kept pushin that stuff we stopped liking an we KNEW there was great stuff in the boxes.  He says he dint open the boxes cuz he dint feel like clearin the table off, but we know better.

He finally opened the boxes an arranged all the cans so that there wouldnt be the same brand or flavor twice in a row.  We appreciate variety, even though the only flavors we like are chicken, turkey, or lamb.  But since the chicken and turkey sometimes come with liver or giblets, its always a bit different.

Look at ALL this food.  Does this look great or what,..
8 cans wide, 3 cans deep an 8 cans tall, plus the small ones in front.  Thats um, uh, A LOT!
We have Nutro Max Chicken&Lamb, Nutro Max Chicken&Liver, Nutro Max Turkey&Giblets, Halo Sots Stew Lamb, Halo Spots Stew Chicken, Halo Spots Stew Turkey, Wellness Chicken, Wellness Turkey, an Avoderm Chicken.  The little cans are Eukanuba Lamb and Eukanuba Chicken (but those came from Petsmart).

We eat a lot.  We split 1 can when TBT wakes up, 1 little can in the mid afternoon, 1 can fer dinner and 1 can when TBT goes to bed.  We also get a handful of Eukanuba dry crunchies in between as treats.

We are safe fer 2 months!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Mancat Monday 5 AM

And guess WHO isnt here?  Hmmm!
He must be around here...

Somewhere...  An we ARE both lookin.

TBT:  Have you looked under the blankets?  Where I am still TRYING to sleep?

Ayla and Iza:  Well, no. 

TBT:  "Hint, hint"...

We guys know how to keep late hours...!  Bother us again at noon.